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How people estimate the probabilities of unique events

Boolean concept learning

Relational reasoning

Reasoning about inconsistency

Illusory inferences

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Spatial reasoning: there’s an app for that!

24th March 2015 By Sunny

Marco Ragni, Markus Knauff, and Franz Dietrich have designed an online interface to their recently published theory on spatial reasoning (Ragni & Knauff, 2013). You can click below to use it:

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Three new papers in press

16th March 2015 By Sunny

We recently published three complementary papers on: the role of logic and probability in human reasoning; how people estimate unique event probabilities; and how they make immediate inferences from quantifiers.

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Congratulations to Prof. Goodwin on getting tenure!

11th March 2015 By Sunny

Prof. Geoff Goodwin recently received a tenure position in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Many congratulations, Geoff!