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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License by the Mental Models and Reasoning Lab, 2013.

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How people estimate the probabilities of unique events

Boolean concept learning

Relational reasoning

Reasoning about inconsistency

Illusory inferences

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Congratulations to Professor Koralus!

18th April 2013 by Sunny

Philipp Koralus has accepted the position on the faculty at Oxford University. He will be the Fulford Clarendon University Lecturer and Fulford Tutorial Fellow at St. Catherine’s College. We wish him many congratulations and best of luck on the new position!

Theory of reverse engineering now out in JCP

9th April 2013 by Sunny

Louis Lee and Phil’s paper on a new theory of reverse engineering is now published in the latest issue of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

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Special issue of JCP on mental models in cognitive change now out

26th March 2013 by Sunny

The latest issue of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology is out, and it is a special issue on “Mental Models in Cognitive Change”. Abstracts from three contributions of the lab are available below.

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