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How people estimate the probabilities of unique events

Boolean concept learning

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Postdoc positions in reasoning at NRL

20th January 2016 By Sunny

The Naval Research Lab is currently seeking applicants for multiple postdoctoral positions to collaborate on various projects in reasoning, including (but not limited to) building a unified computational framework of reasoning; investigating how people engage in explanatory reasoning; and testing a system that reasons about time and temporal relations.
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The 2016 Meeting in Honor of Phil Johnson-Laird

28th October 2015 By Sunny

A meeting in honor of Phil Johnson-Laird will be held at University College London from July 28th-29th, 2016. The invitation to attend is open to all; if you’re interested in joining and giving a talk, please contact Vittorio Girotto ( with your talk title and a short abstract.
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Spatial reasoning: there’s an app for that!

24th March 2015 By Sunny

Marco Ragni, Markus Knauff, and Franz Dietrich have designed an online interface to their recently published theory on spatial reasoning (Ragni & Knauff, 2013). You can click below to use it:

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