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The interpretation of disjunctions depends on the contents of its clauses

10th January 2017 By Sunny

Christina Quelhas and Phil Johnson-Laird published a recent paper in QJEP on how disjunctive assertions are modulated by the contents of their clauses. You can read the paper here, and the abstract is below.

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Obituary for Vittorio Girotto in T&R

21st August 2016 By Sunny

Paulo Legrenzi and Phil Johnson-Laird wrote an obituary for their close friend and colleague, Vittorio Girotto. The obituary will be published in Thinking & Reasoning soon, but we have included a preprint here for those interested.

Congrats to Professor Mascarenhas!

1st July 2016 By Sunny

Congratulations to Salvador Mascarenhas, who will be joining the faculty of Ecole Normale Superieure as an Assistant Professor this fall!