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How people estimate the probabilities of unique events

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People become more logical without feedback

19th June 2018 By Sunny

Most theories of reasoning assume that human reasoning ability is stable over time, but few studies have investigated the matter. We analyzed a study in which 20 participants drew their own conclusions to the 64 sorts of syllogisms on two occasions separated by roughly a week.

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Human reasoning violates all normal model logics

13th June 2018 By Sunny

Marco Ragni and Phil Johnson-Laird have a new paper in CogSci 2018 that shows how human reasoning violates all orthodox systems of modal logic. You can read the paper here.

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The interpretation of disjunctions depends on the contents of its clauses

10th January 2017 By Sunny

Christina Quelhas and Phil Johnson-Laird published a recent paper in QJEP on how disjunctive assertions are modulated by the contents of their clauses. You can read the paper here, and the abstract is below.

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