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By Sunny

Many talks on mental models at the 8th London Reasoning Workshop

On 11, Aug 2014 | In Lab News | By Sunny

The 8th London Reasoning Workshop took place from July 9th-10th, 2014 at Birkbeck College. It was organized by Valerie Thompson, and featured several talks on mental models,

including talks from:

  • Juan García-Madruga and Sergio Moreno-Ríos
  • Myself (Sunny), Max Lotstein, and Phil Johnson-Laird
  • Phil Johnson-Laird and Geoff Goodwin
  • Marco Ragni
  • Philipp Koralus
  • Geoff Goodwin
  • Ruth Byrne and Orlando Espino
  • Robert Mackiewicz, Phil Johnson-Laird, myself, and Monica Bucciarelli
  • Célia Rasga, Ana Cristina Quelhas, and Ruth Byrne

A full schedule of the talks and their titles and abstracts is available on the LRW website.